Customer reviews affect businesses across the board. Positive online feedback encourages success. Negative online feedback stagnates company growth. No matter the industry, cultivate the right image online with Rate5.

Rate5 by Industry


Buying a car is a huge investment. Maintaining it can be equally expensive. So when it comes to the automotive industry, customers take the time to find out who is the most reliable by consulting online reviews. Imagine the amount of business even one bad review can cost you! Rate 5 helps automotive companies generate new, positive reviews, and develop an attractive presence online.

  Rate5 for Automotive


70 percent of patients say that online reviews are as important as a dentist’s credentials. If you don’t have many online reviews or if you have negative online feedback, it’s time to transform your image. After every dental visit, send patients an automated survey through Rate 5. Our system will encourage happy patients to post online and reroute unhappy patients to your customer service.

  Rate5 for Dental


Building a positive online reputation matters. One Harvard study found that on average, a company that boosts its Yelp score by one star can see revenues increase 5 to 9 percent. If your company reviews are negative or outdated, potential customers will take note. Don’t let your online image hurt your bottom line. Invest in reputation management services with Rate 5 to see your business thrive.

  Rate5 for Financial


People want to know they’re in good hands. That’s why 84 percent of patients consult online reviews when choosing a healthcare provider. With Rate 5’s automated review collection process, you can easily get new, positive patient reviews on sites that matter most to you: Google, Facebook, RateMD, Healthgrades, and more! Stand out in local search with Rate 5 reputation management services.

  Rate5 for Healthcare

Home Services

Customers in need of home maintenance are looking for someone local and reputable. Since 88 percent of customers consult online reviews nowadays when searching for a service provider, you are likely losing business if your online feedback is poor, outdated, or nonexistent. With Rate 5, you can easily collect fresh online reviews on Google, Facebook, Angie’s List and more.

  Rate5 for Home Services


Guests are candid about everything online, from room cleanliness and safety to staff interactions and amenities. That’s why online reviews can make or break your hotel. These days, it’s important to have positive, recent reviews from your guests. Rate 5 helps you boost ratings and book rooms by collecting fresh reviews automatically, directing happy customers to Google, TripAdvisor, and more.

  Rate5 for Hospitality


Most insurance agencies have 2 online reviews or fewer. Get the competitive edge and establish your credibility online with Rate 5’s automated customer review collection system. Easily gather reviews from your clients via text or email, directing happily insured customers to leave reviews on prominent sites like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Boost your reputation today with Rate 5!

  Rate5 for Insurance


With liberty, finances, and reputation at stake, clients need to trust that a lawyer can win their case. That’s why 83 percent of prospective clients turn to online reviews first before choosing a lawyer. If your legal office has negative or outdated reviews, it’s time to take control of your online image. Boost your ratings and win over prospective clients using Rate 5’s reputation management service.

  Rate5 for Legal

Personal Services

For personal care, you need a personal touch. Online reviews help others measure how personable and qualified you are. That’s why 88 percent of customers consult online reviews before choosing a service. If your reviews are outdated, negative, or nonexistent, it’s time for an online makeover. See how Rate 5 can help you generate new, positive reviews and cultivate an attractive presence online.

  Rate5 for Personal Services

Real Estate

Want to stand out on Zillow, Trulia, and Google with hundreds of great reviews? Get fresh reviews from elated home buyers with Rate 5’s automated review collection system. Your online reputation will skyrocket with these testimonials. With 62 percent of home buyers choosing a real estate professional based on online reviews, your real estate agency will be more attractive than ever.

  Rate5 for Real Estate


Get your name to shine on UrbanSpoon, OpenTable, Facebook, and more! With Rate 5’s automated customer review collection, you can get hundreds of positive testimonials on the social channels that matter most to you. And with even a half-star increase in average ratings online, you are 50 percent more likely to fill all tables for the evening. Get your restaurant packed with Rate 5 today!

  Rate5 for Restaurants


Drive traffic to your store with hundreds of positive online reviews! Rate 5 helps your local retail shop gather customer reviews automatically, turning your clients into your biggest marketing advocates on social media sites like Google, Facebook, FourSquare and more. Maximizing the power of testimonials, Rate 5 will help you see a boost in ratings, reputation, brand loyalty, and more!

  Rate5 for Retail

Senior Care

People want to know their family members will be treated well. That’s why most people seeking senior care will consult online reviews first before choosing a provider. Rate 5 will help you gather fresh new reviews, manage negative reviews privately, and boost positive ratings online. The feedback can also help improve internal operations by identifying consistent problems in senior care.

  Rate5 for Senior Care